Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here, they take leave of Härenstam – Aftonbladet

The friends gathered to say goodbye to Magnus Härenstam.

On Wednesday held a funeral service for the beloved actor in the Hedvig Eleonora church in Stockholm.

Even the king and queen were on hand to honor his memory.

Outside the Hedvig Eleonora church in central Stockholm gathered friends to say goodbye to Magnus Härenstam .

Inside the church was twenty wreaths on the coffin and the friends Claes af Geijerstam and Claes Elfsberg was early on the spot to put up the words banner.

– I represent Stallbröderna today. He was an active crony. I think he got into it before me. I joined in 1975, says Claes af Geijerstam outside the church.

Remember his happy eyes

Stallbröderna is a Swedish word companion for actors and entertainment profiles.

– My top Memory is his eyes. How he felt were the eyes happy, says Claes af Geijerstam of his friend.

entertainer and actor Magnus Härenstam have an obvious place in the Swedish people’s hearts and has long been beloved by the people.

Large parts of Sweden Fun walked into the church in advance of the two-stroke.

Some stopped to talk to the assembled press. A clearly moved Peter Dalle shared their memories with Magnus Härenstam.

– It is very. But wonder if he did not do something called “lecture”. And then as we sat in his cabin on Långholmen and talked, he said.

The king and queen in place

Just minutes before the memorial ceremony started in the church also arrived, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia to the church in honor of Magnus Härenstams memory. Then had Sapo already been in place to inspect the premises.

– Magnus Härenstam was a good friend and a great entertainer with genuine and honest humor and he was appreciated by people of all ages. He was the good skämtets master, the king has previously visited Aftonbladet.

Although the public has been given the place of the church, where Helen Sjöholm and Bengan Janson will to sing and play the accordion to the actor’s memory. The hymns chosen for the memorial ceremony is “God’s love is like the beach” and “Glory”.

The officiant was As Unsgaard .

In the Church put the visitors shoulder to shoulder. And even though it was a hot July day was the room cool.

– We loved him. He gave us so much and was like a family member. In children’s programs, film and quiz. So it is with those who are beloved, said Unsgaard during his sermon.

Private memorial service for the next

After the funeral, a memorial ceremony for his closest friends, the specially invited guests and family at the Opera Terrace.

In the actor’s death notice, which the family shared in midsummer through the Facebook page “Magnus Härenstam – in our hearts,” wrote the man a last greeting to the father and husband.

“My dearly loved, loved it. Our beloved father, grandfather, brother, son in law, brother in law. Thank you for all your love. But we stick together, “it said.

– Magnus would always say” only we stick together. “And we have also made, said the close friend Vicky von der Lancken after his death.


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