Sunday, December 11, 2016

A thrilling final – with tears in my eyes”

The chilly vildmarksguiden Sarah from Minnesota was the favorite, but fuzzy Micka from Ohio was an unexpected tough opponent.

It was a thrilling final between two american women who gave “Everything for Sweden”.

the Two men were in the final also. MMA-fightern Steven took the longest time to pinpoint the locations of the Swedish-americans visited. And so he was gone. In the second step, the participants were to answer questions about what they had to learn about Sweden.

the Film “Fucking Åmål” and songs by E-type, it belonged to the chef of Patrick’s interests, but it wasn’t enough. And so he was gone.

the Last round was a stressful mix of physical force, stress, memory, puzzle. When senior Sarah got stuck on two reversed name, so was Micka at the time. But Sarah kept the concentration, got the key to the maul, pounded into and out fluttered the Swedish flag.

It was a good finale, where you were surprised that the participants became emotional when they talked about a country that their ancestors left 150 years ago. Tears in my eyes, yvíga feelings.

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Micka overflowing of love, bubbled and babblade. On finaldagens morning, she was his other personality in the green wig and the name Velva. Then she did yoga on the lawn.

Sarah was ice-cold, purposeful, avoided känslostormarna and met Micka/Velva with some distance.

When the win was at home, so gave Sarah in all cases, Micka a hug and said:

” You’re damn strange, but I’m glad to have got to know you.

Then she went on a family gathering in the Crowd. There was a hundred Swedish relatives that she’s never seen and waited and then cracked to and with the cool Sarah up, smile, moist eyes, and started hugging.

This was the sixth round of the tittarsuccén “Everything for Sweden” and it was a fun and rousing finale. The host Anders Lundin has mixed jest and earnest, has been tävlingsmomenten perfect, been toned down and kept away when he is not needed. Lundin has done a good job.


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