Monday, December 12, 2016

Angello hit back: “She was drinking on the job” – Expressen

DJ:n Steve Angello strikes back against barnflickans the charges against him and his wife, “Swedish Hollywood”-the wives of the star, Isabel Adrian.

He denies that he treated the nanny as “cattle”.

Nanny was kicked for that she was drinking on the job, ” he says to nöjessajten TMZ.

It was TMZ that reported in the weekend that Swedish House Mafia star, Steve Angello, 34, and “Planners”-star Isabel Adrian, 39, was sued by a woman who previously worked as the couple’s nanny.

According to the writ this site has been part of the claims nanny to Steve Angello and Isabel Adrian “ripped off” her to move to Sweden, where they “treated her like cattle” and then give her the sack.

the Former Swedish House Mafia DJ Steve Angello denies the charges against him and his wife, Isabel Adrian, and claims that it was SHE who was danger.

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Kändisparet kicked nanny

According to the site TMZ, he should have seen the nanny at a local bar, when he was out on tour. With him then, she had the couple’s 4-year-old and 6-year-old daughters. He should have given the nanny a credit card to cover the expenses for the children, but claims that the receipts show that she visited the bar three days in a row.

Kändisparet should have immediately fired the nanny.

Nanny dismisses the Angellos allegations that she had been drinking on the job, and says she had lunch together with Adrian’s and Angellos daughters, at a restaurant and not a bar, and that she then ordered a beer to the food. She argues, writes TMZ, Angellos mother saw her, but did not have any problems with leaving the children with her.

“I’m not so small, half a beer is not to drink on the job,” says the nurse.

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Steve Angello and Isabel Adrian are planning counter notice

Steve Angello says to TMZ that they are planning a counter notice and say that it is ridiculous that the ex-nanny has so many accusations.

– You can’t say that you are working as a slave when you have privatkockar, driving around in luxury cars and flying first class. She washed not even their own clothes.


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