Friday, December 9, 2016

Announcement: There will be no strike in the Idol 2016 – Expressen

Here is glädjebeskedet for TV4 – just hours before the finale of the “Idol 2016″.

the Conflict between the Swedish musicians union and the production company Fremantlemedia has now been resolved. Thus there will be no strike in the evening.

“We are very excited to finally be in the goal,” says Fremantles ceo Magnus Karlsson Lamm in a press release.

the Conflict between the trade union Svenska Musikerförbundet and Fremantlemedia, which produces “Idol 2016″ for TV4 has been long and difficult.

as late as last week announced the labour court to the Swedish musicians union has the right to take industrial action and therefore has strejkhotet hägrat over the grand finale of “Idol 2016″ in the Globe during the Friday night.

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But now, just hours before the final, informs the Swedish musicians union and Fremantlemedia to be able to reach a settlement. The tray did not, however, get Fremantlemedia to raise the salary for the participants of the “Idol 2016″.

“We are satisfied with what we have achieved, but we are not satisfied with Fremantle still think that the 875 sek is a reasonable compensation,” says Per Granvik, chairman of the Swedish musicians union and continues:

” the Negotiations have been long and difficult.

“Fremantle still think the 875 sek after tax is a reasonable salary for a week’s work as an Idol at the same time, that only the Globe-final draws in takings of at least ten million,” it says in a press release from the Swedish musicians union.

According to a press release from Fremantlemedia terms of the agreement, among other things, changes in the medverkandeavtal that the idols are forced to write in order to participate in the program.

the main issue, whether Fremantlemedia to sign a collective agreement with the participants of the “Idol 2016″ has not been solved. Instead, the forstsättas under the direction of the employer organisation media companies.

Magnus Karlsson Lamm, managing director at Fremantlemedia:

” We are very excited to finally be in the target and landed in an agreement that looks to the idols of the best, which has been our ambition throughout this process. Now made a number of changes of medverkandeavtalen and we look forward to a new season with even better conditions for the idols and not the least, one of the year’s biggest tv highlights: the evening’s big Idolfinal, ” he says in the press release.

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the Changes in the agreements, means, among other things, shorter length, a more upphovsrättsreglering and changes in skivkontrakten.

“It has been important for us and for the whole industry to contestants in the tv productions are not to be regarded as employees, it is therefore important that the issue be reviewed by the media companies,” says Magnus Karlsson Lamm in the press release.

He concluded:

” this has been an intense process but through a constructive dialogue with the Swedish musicians union, we are now finally in port.

the Swedish musicians union has also issued a press release in which they give their view of the conflict:

“The young participants’ courageous actions have put increased focus on the rights of artists and the young people’s working conditions. During the conflict they have endured intense pressure from several sides and also exposed to the threat of damages. The association operates for and on behalf of its members. We have a great understanding for the Idols now want to focus on to get as good conditions as possible for the perform to a packed Globe”.


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