Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Carola: ”Not just a ring on your finger” – Aftonbladet

Tells if the love for Jimmy – and reveal cocky raggningsrepliken

Carola Häggkvist is happily in love with her, Jimmy.

In a big interview with Amelia, she reveals that the couple are not yet living together and the hint that she dreams about the engagement.
– Everything is like a honeymoon. Now missing only a ring on the finger, ” she says in the interview.

Carola Häggkvist, 50, appeared in "So much better" two years ago, she was single and had basically given up hope on meeting someone, ” she says in a big interview with Amelia. But after having been advised by a friend to bassist Jimmy Källqvist also was single, she made kind of thing.

During a night out with friends she was at a club where Jimmy played. Where she presented the reply:

– It was someone who thought we would be together.

According to the magazine Amelia replied Jimmy, "Yes, but we can well". And on the way it is.
– We laugh and talk memories even though we haven’t known each other for so long. We have had a blast these first two years. Everything is like a honeymoon. Now missing only a ring on the finger, ” she says in the interview.

"Not thought of my life"

Carola also tells me that Jimmy is going very well with her daughter, Zoe, who she adopted from south Africa in 2012.

the Couple lives yet not together. However, they have a home together in Cape town. The house is a white villa with a swimming pool. Decorating together is a challenge. According to Carola she wants to have a style that goes in shabby chic, while Jimmy would rather have a rekordeligt arranged "sad" house, as she expresses it.

Amadeus, Carola oldest children, who she got along with the Runar Søgaard, is already 19. At leisure, he plays football and is often cheered on by her sister Zoe.
– I had not thought of my life, with divorce and adoption, and then love. But life is not always as intended. Our cracks can become our strengths, and I have an amazing family in the Zoe, Amadeus, and Jimmy, ” says Carola in the interview.

the Number of Amelia with Carola big interview is out in stores on 8 december.


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