Friday, December 2, 2016

Collin: The most predictable “Idol” – Expressen

It was the obvious finaluppställningen.

But it fit well with the most predictable "Idol"-season.

It was finally treklövern Charlie Grönvall, Rebecka Karlsson and Liam Cacatian Thomassen who’ll be fighting for the top position in the Globe next week.

Something else was unthinkable.

Oskar Häggström was sadly sick and did a good job under the conditions, but he has been close to the end several times over the past few weeks, so utröstningen was expected.

Despite the fact that the three finalists come from completely different musical backgrounds and represent different kinds of genres of music, the whole sequence passed to predict.

This seems to be the "Idol"season where everything goes according to plan. It is like any TV4-manager has put together a schedule for the entire fall, and then shared it out to all the participants, the jury and Pär Lernström (and apparently to the whole of Sweden who vote also).

There is nothing to be outraged at, because the right person has gone out every week.

No drama in this year’s Idol

No drama occurs in addition to colds.

It is unusual tillrättalagt, and the participants are professional-looking but quite pale.

Either the Swedish people become extreme röstningsproffs after years of "Idol" and the song contest they have a sense of god like, or is it just an unusually predictable season in years.

the Participants is good, but no one has so far obscured the genuine palpitations and tears.

the Question is if someone becomes an idol for real

the Jury is solid with a few highs (signed Nikki Amini) and any bottenvecka (also signed Nikki Amini).

Therefore, I hope for a crackling final. It is undoubtedly the most worthy one who will be at the Globe next week – so despite the fact that it was uneventful and to be expected, it also indicates that the level will be high.

the Question is if any of the candidates become an idol for real.


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