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Johnny Depp the most overpaid skådisen – Aftonbladet

For the second year in a row now, he Forbes list of Hollywoods most overpaid

It has been a tough year for Johnny Depp and than it does not seem to turn.

Forbes has recently released its annual list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actor.

And Johnny Depp takes home first place for the second year in a row.

After having been accused of both verbal and physical abuse of his exhustru Amber Heard and a seven million dollar expensive divorce thought that maybe it would turn Johnny Depp. But then came the next setback.

For the second year in a row now, he namely Forbes list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actor. Johnny Depps last three films have only recorded 2.8 dollars in ticket sales for every dollar that Johnny Depp earned. The box office is not even three times as high as Depps salary for the films.

Ports in the list – despite the success

second ports Will Smith that have earned five dollars in ticket sales per dollar he has received, followed by Channing Tatum who, despite his great success with "Magic Mike XXL" only pulled in six times as much in box office that he earned in salary.

this Year’s list is dominated by middle-aged men who previously had big success and the actor who is in the list is only a woman, Julia Roberts ends up on a ninth place. For every dollar Roberts earned she has pulled out almost eleven times as much in the box office.


Female artists, who earn the most in the year


10 most overpaid actors 2016

(takings per dollar earned)

1. Johnny Depp – $ 2.8

2. Will Smith – $ 5.0

3. Channing Tatum – $ 6.0

4. Will Ferrell – $ 6.5

5. George Clooney – $ 6.7

6. Adam Sandler – $ 7.6

7. Mark Wahlberg – $ 9.2

8. Leonardo DiCaprio – $ 9.9

9. Julia Roberts – $ 10.8

10. Bradley Cooper – $ 12.1

Source: Forbes.


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