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Kempe about the criticism: Anna Book, can call me – Aftonbladet

Anna Book expecting the song is now disappointed

Kempe offered to write a song to Anna Book, after the jar is washed out of the Eurovision song contest.

It did not happen and she is now disappointed.
– of course You have to be on and to show that they want a song, I can feel, ” says Fredrik Kempe to Nöjesbladet.

During the week, Nöjesbladet reported Anna Books huge disappointment on SVT. According to Book promised to channel her a new place in the Eurovision song contest after the jar is washed earlier in the year. In the midst of all the sorrow in winter darkness told Fredik Kempe he could imagine that the write a new song to the Anna.

Something that now, ten months later, has not happened. In an interview with Nöjesbladet tells Anna that she is disappointed. Expressen, she develops it further.

– It’s clear that you believe in it. And then I have not liked pressuring anyone, so I have been waiting for that fred would come up with some songs that I in any case would be able to listen to, ” she says to Expressen.

"Can print let"

Fredrik Kempe he offered a lot of really Anna a song in February, when she was disqualified.
– It is correct. But the problem is that you first must have a artistplats. You should get an offer of SVT to be with. To promise someone a song is based on the fact that you get to be in the Eurovision song contest, ” he says to Nöjesbladet, and continues:
– It was what I said, if it becomes the mode, so you get to hear from you and it says I still for the. I can definitely write a song to Anna. But not without that there is no reason for it.


Anna Book in tears: SVT broke his promise

"You have to be on"

Anna Book now is disappointed he has no comments.
– it is as It is. As I have said in the past, so can’t I decide Christer and SVT, what they should have with the song. And I am not this year at all. Of course you have to be on and to show that they want a song, I can feel.

Despite the disappointment, ” says Kempe that it is not out of the question that he can write a song to Anna in the future.
– It must, of course, also feel fun. If it is kept on so it’s not fun anymore. You can’t just communicate like she does a little now, through the newspapers. It’s not especially normal.

Would you rather she called you up?
– Yes, but it’s the best. Call up so you take a call, so it will be good, ” he says.

Nöjesbladet have searched Anna Book, for a comment.


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