Monday, December 12, 2016

Meeting on the hiring of Swedish ports to the Nord Stream 2 – Radio Sweden

the Meeting is held after the requirements from, among other things, bourgeois försvarspolitiker and the armed Forces who want to prevent that a Russian company may use Swedish ports.

But within the government called into question if there really is any security threat for Sweden to rent out ports.

the Government got in the summer a backing from the armed Forces, who reviewed the plans for the Nord Stream gas pipeline 2. But the state department found, according to the task to the Echo, that it was not enough to say that, for example, the rental of the port of Slite pose a security threat

the Echo can now reveal to the armed Forces after the discussion, received a new assignment to provide additional information. It came in three weeks ago to the government. But that was not enough to convince the state department.

After the meeting today, chaired by the minister for foreign affairs Margot Wallström, speaks a lot for that defense minister Peter Hultqvist, who takes over the issue of the lease of the ports.

From being viewed as a possible security threat to Sweden, the question then have been transformed to only a defence policy issue.

the state Department would reportedly to the Echo to take his hand away from the issue.

the Meeting today with the island, and the Karlshamn leading politicians will be a briefing.

the Lease of the ports is a municipal question in which the local self-government comes. The government can’t decide, but can provide information on the situation.

The possibilities that have been discussed to prevent Nord Stream 2 from to rent is, for example, that the state would go in and rent ports at the same price, around sek 50 million for the Slite harbour. But any news on the issue is expected today.

the government Could decide to somehow stop the lease says the Russian Nord Stream 2 that the pipes will be used to temporarily store on the other way, and construction of the 120 km long dubbelledningen in the Baltic sea between Russia and Germany can still be carried out.


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