Friday, December 9, 2016

Pewdiepies information on Youtube: “Joke” – Expressen

Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg stay on Youtube, despite the threat to close down its channel.

In a new Youtube clip on Friday, ” says Kjellberg that he will keep his promise, and shut then down a completely different channel, "Jack Septiceye 2".

It was last weekend as Felix Kjellberg, revealed that he thought closed down his Youtube channel "Pewdiepie," when the number of subscribers reached 50 million.

– A huge figure, no one else has been in the vicinity, said the Swedish star in the own channel.

on Thursday, he reached the 50 million and was announced via Twitter that he intended to keep his promise to close down the account during the Friday, at 18.00 Swedish time.

But all be just a joke, confessed, ” when it was time to fulfill his promise.

the Account "Jack Septiceye 2" was owned also by a swede, but had only two published clips and 1.4 million followers.

Users have lost their subscribers

the Reason for the threat, from the first, was a change in how the Youtube platform presents its so-called "vloggers".

the Changes have, according to Kjellberg and others, have made their fans automatically lost their subscriptions. In addition, the interface has been on Youtube made on, which moved on the roads as the viewers usually follow to see their clips.

Kjellberg himself says that Youtube is promoting lockklipp by the number of clicks instead of content which the users actually are interested in.

Lost viewers

All of the changes combined have made to Pewdiepie and several other Youtubestjärnor lost viewers.

I don’t mind the money, I just want my fans to see what I’m doing, ” he says in his video where he is questioning the changes.

Kjellberg says himself, have searched Youtube for to to get answers on why videotjänsten nedprioriterat him, but have not received a proper response.


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