Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sigrid Bergåkra: ”As if thunder struck down” – Aftonbladet

Sent home to all – was she fell passionately in love

A dejected Sigrid Bergåkra said goodbye to all their correspondents at the farm.

But then did Pål entrance and the sparks flew on the Söromåsen in the province of Hälsingland.
– It was as if lightning struck down in the elaggregatet without pulled out the power cord, ” says Sigrid to Nöjesbaldet.

Out with the old and in with the new. Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, chose in the last section of "Farmer seeks wife", to send home all of their remaining three men. In the Wednesday section,Pål Mases, 48, entrance. A man whose acquaintances have notified him already in brevskrivarfasen, but rejected on the grounds that he did not want to be in the tv section. Sigrid, however, could not let go of my thoughts on him and suddenly arrive, he to the farm with a large bouquet of flowers.


'Therefore, I sent home all three of the guys'

"A supermanlig karl"

Sigrid and Pål devotes his time to activities as riding a horse, holding on to each other on the stoop and eat a romantic dinner with red wine. In the morning pick Pål flowers and comes in to Sigrid with breakfast in bed.
– Yes, so it can’t be more romantic. I think it is really cool when a big, strong, supermanlig karl goes out and picks flowers in the morning. It was an outdated but well-tested raggningtrick that should be used more often.

"Thunder struck down"

Sigrid is willing to agree that it was blixtkärlek that arose and that it struck sparks between her and Pål.

– Yes, it was as if lightning struck down in the elaggregatet without you pulled out the cord.

After Pål played the accordion for Sigrid viewers will see the farm’s first kiss.
– I’ve probably been the one that has been the least physical of all the farmers. Even if I become utmålad as the most outspoken so it has been very much talk and little workshop. But now it was the first time I pussades in the tv.

When Pål says that he is in love with to Sigrid, she is happy, but is careful in his reply.
– Love is difficult. It is well, therefore, I am a little cautious and say that I feel fond. I have, as well as the plan that I’m going to find a life partner and it should go right to the. But it is hard to stay away when everything feels so good, ” she says.


Lindorff: "I was shocked by the Sigrid"


So it was late for the "Farmer seeks wife"-the favorites


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