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Sigrids love meeting – that TV4 did not show – Expressen

Romance occurs directly when She Bergåkra hits new making the enquiry Pål Mases in the "Farmer seeks wife".

But viewers may not see Pål and Sigrids confidential conversation or what happened after the kisses on the middagsdejten.

It was lucky the cameras were off, says Sigrid Bergåkra.

Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, took the drastic decision to send home their suitors from the TV4-program "Farmer seeks wife". Her quest for love from the letter-writers led to the friendship – but the passion did not materialize.

When She Bergåkra sent home the suitors she told me also of the host Linda Lindorff that she could not stop thinking about a certain Pål. Sigrid had met the entrepreneur Pål Mases, 48, when their daughters compete in a showjumping competition in Lexington in the spring. Court declared that: the friends wrote to the Farmer looking for a wife – but he first wanted to not be involved in the tv.

“I respected it and tried to put it to the side,” says Sigrid Bergåkra.

After the Sigrids decision to send home the suitors took the TV4 contact with Pål – who changed his mind. He talks about his feelings for Sigrid before he went to her farm in Hälsingland, sweden:

– just To see Sigrids smile did anyway me happy and interested. There was no direct feelings then, more of a excitement in the stomach, and definitely a higher heart rate, ” he says.

In Wednesday’s episode, viewers follow Sigrid and the court declared that: the meeting – which will quickly develop into a hot romance.

– this section takes place over several days and we took every minute to get to know each other. In addition, gave the team much more space and with that I had a few more correspondents. It therefore becomes a bit fast for the viewers, ” says Sigrid Bergåkra.

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the Confidentiality of the call, the viewers did not see the

But what the viewers don’t know is that TV4 let Pål and Sigrid get very much personal time together – outside of the cameras. Sigrid Bergåkra tells us that she then opened up for Pål and told him about his night with the farmer Erik Bäckman at Sundbyholm castle, the suitors and their exman.

” It was important for me to highlight it before I started being openly flirty, light-hearted or released on hämningarna. I was brutally honest. I told you my whole life story for him, including what happened in Farmer looking for wife. It was tough to put him in it. But it is nice when you put all the cards on the table. He also thought it was nice to get to talk about their backpack. It was a personal conversation between us, ” says Sigrid.

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TV4 have also cut out several scenes. Including when Pål meet Sigrids brethren, when they put up a fence and when the grill together.

"Turn to the cameras was struck by the"

When the viewers get to follow the couple’s middagsdejt they have therefore had time to get to know each other properly. Pål kissing Sigrid and tell us about their kärlekskänslor for hästbonden.

” We became very intimate with each other that evening. I just feel: lucky that the cameras were off. We got a lot of time afterwards for ourselves. They backed out with the cameras in a nice way, and let us be in peace, ” says Sigrid Bergåkra.


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