Monday, December 5, 2016

Succéteatern celebrates 10-year anniversary – financial times

In the summer there will be large anniversary when Krusenstiernska teatern celebrates 10 years.

But that it would take place in Kalmar, sweden was not self-evident.

– It was only a few daw that flew over the city, as a kind of Borås, says Robert Gustafsson.

ten years ago was the first sommarproduktionen up to Krusenstiernska teatern in Kalmar Vicky von Der Lancken and Robert Gustafsson.

They had long talked about starting a summer theatre, but had Kalmar as their preferred partner.

– On the way to the island of Öland, saw ghost town of Kalmar, which in the 80s was completely empty and desolate in the summer. It was only a few daw that flew over the city, as a kind of Borås, says Robert Gustafsson.

But when the city was a generational change and an optimism they decided to jump on the framtidssatsningen.

– We reach the gray scale Östergötaland, Småland, Blekinge and Öland here. There was no summer theatre of national interest on this side of the country. We thought that we would get he harrow the valleys on before the people found here, but after the first year, said pang, ” says Gustafsson.

summer is the time for the 10-year anniversary and it is celebrated with komediföreställningen "Flag in the top".

– It’s very nice, cheerful, and positive, but also scary that time goes so fast. But we are extremely grateful for the audience, it is a loyal audience who return every year, ” says the actor.

in Addition to Robert Gustafsson is visible Per Svensson, Allan Svensson, Siw Erixon and addition Rachel Mohlin.

– It feels great. I like very much the play. It will be a lovely summer, I feel already now in december, says Mohlin.

Tickets on sale 12 december at 10:00 via Krusenstiernskateatern.see alternative ticketmaster.


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