Sunday, December 4, 2016

The anger against Little Jinder after the coarse könsordet – Expressen

Little Jinder said a rough könsord in TV4:s “So much better”.

Now is the viewers angry at the Little Jinder after the eruption.

Little Jinder has been known as one of Sweden’s most outspoken pop stars. But in the “So much better”-section on Saturday, it became too much for some viewers, who reacted strongly to the Jinders rich languages

In the Saturday section of the TV4-program "So much better" it was Jill Johnson, 43, day. Country singer took the opportunity to pay tribute to the house band in the programme, with snaps.

– Now, I have invited the band and they will receive a small hutt. This jars I make on tour. Especially on larger tours when you are many artists and they have to work hard in the crewet. Then I think it is extra fun to tinker on them at the end of the gig, ” says Jill Johnson.

Jill Johnson invites "So much better"-band on the rum inside of their rooms in the house on the island of Gotland. But the artists in the program may not be toast.

Little Jinder, 28, is making an attempt to invite themselves. She goes to Jill’s room and opens the door:

” What the hell, may not we be with? she says in the program.

But Jill Johnson is:

” no, No, close the door, cries out Loud.

Then goes sour Little Jinder to:

” this is so fucking fittig style. Oh, sorry, ” says Little Jinder and goes back to the artists.

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Now, the raging viewers against Josefine Jinder and on Facebook saw several people her behavior.

“the Bad behavior of one unique artist,” wrote one person.

“so seriously, it was…”, writes another person.

“So ridiculous by Jinder…..”, write a third.

“the litle jinder fit your words then you are in the tv how can you say so.”

“Good of Jill when she said close the door.”


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