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What Bob Dylan is doing instead of going to the nobel Banquet – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

What makes Bob Dylan in the morning? Photo: KJELLERÅS PETER / Aftonbladet / IBL Bildbyrå

Nobelyran is nothing for Bob Dylan, this year’s nobel prize in literature. He teaches not knock on either city hall or the Castle’s gates this weekend. If he surprisingly pops up, so tense, confused and uncertain expression is repeated from when he received the polar music prize 2000. It looks as if Dylan wants to crawl out of his own body. He nods a little in tributes and looks to be thinking "Where is the end?"

Because he misses we miss the tacktalet he’d been at the banquet and now someone else gets to read. He may, despite his tillknäppta way to be an excellent speaker, when he was awarded The MusiCares person of the year 2015 award" and talked about their musical influences in 30 minutes. Here are excerpts from the century and David Crosby from the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, who notes that "Dylan will feel acutely uncomfortable tonight".

uncomfortable is probably the key word when it comes to Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones played with Dylan in the summer of ‘ Desert trip festival in California and when they were talking with the nobel prize winner, they thought that he seemed embarrassed, according to The Guardian. Stones praised him for the prize, and Dylan responded: "do you Like it? It is a good thing, huh?" Stone continued: "You deserve it" and Dylan replied: "It is good, thanks!"

“He didn’t really know how he would receive it, but we thought that he had done something really good,” said Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones.

But it may happen that Dylan listened to a lot of the author Norman Mailer, who once said: “If Dylan is a poet so I am a basketbollspelare”.

the Swedish Academy still hope that there will be a nobel lecture and wrote on his blog on 18 november: "There is a chance that Bob Dylan will appear in Stockholm during the next year, possibly in the spring, and he then has an excellent opportunity to keep his lecture."

Bob Dylan has turnéuppehåll from his "Never ending tour" in december and January. So any gig is not up to date on december 10. If Dylan against all odds, set out on a concert stage learn social media begin to boil with indignation. Especially as he pointed out to the Academy that he has "other commitments" just this Saturday.

In a personal letter to Sara Danius, the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, wrote Dylan that he unfortunately did not have time to go to Stockholm. According to Danius explained, Dylan is that "it depends on the commitments he already has. He regrets that he cannot come; he had always wanted to receive the price in his own person, but that, unfortunately, it is not possible. He also stresses that he feels very honoured to have been awarded the Nobel prize in literature."

In a tweet from director J. Higgins, it appears, according to Re:Create Magazine, Bob Dylan on the Saturday go into the studio to record new songs, produced by Daniel Lanois, who previously worked with artists such as U2, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris and Willie Nelson. He has previously produced Dylan’s acclaimed tiles "Oh mercy" (1989) and "Time out of mind" (1997). Tweeten and a picture on Instagram of a very nice mixing console was later removed, so the plot thickens, as usual, when it comes to Bob Dylan.

Otherwise, of course, Dylan always go to Hibbing, Minnesota where he grew up. The old home town to fix during the Saturday of an alternative Nobelfirande to the city’s son, which was born as Robert Zimmerman in Duluth, and graduated in the Hibbing High school.

Plans are also in honor of the musician with a training programme, something that Dylan’s family stands behind, according to the Duluth News Tribune. But first there will be a nobel party in order to pay tribute to Bob Dylan, with live music and coctails at the Androy Hotel in Hibbing. The ticket price is $ 25.

Dylan has in recent times not only värjt to get to Stockholm, but also managed to skip a reception for american nobel Laureates, with Barack Obama as the host. The white House president Josh Earnest said during the press meeting:

– Unfortunately, not Bob Dylan be in the White House today so everyone can relax.

Stockholm is obviously not on the map. Moreover, Hibbing is not a place he often returns to. The 75-year-old rockveteranen might simply stays in his home in Point Dume, Malibu, California.

Where he can always paint and fill in the repository for future exhibitions. The habile artist sets right now out of "The beaten path" at Halcyon Gallery in London. The exhibition’s last day is on 11 december. He also likes to build large iron gates and one is permanently in the MGM National Harbor Casino in Maryland. Dylan also set out in Berlin with the "Bob’s room".

He can also celebrate the jewish sabbath in all it’s simplicity. Some of his six children may be watching. Dylan has for many years supported the orthodox Chabad movement, and his sons have celebrated their Bar Mitzvah, they reached his religious majority, in Chabads directed. Himself, he had his Bar Mitzvah party at the Androy Hotel in Hibbing, precisely the place that celebrates him with an alternative nobel party on Saturday.

Dylan has still not posted on his website that he had received the Nobel prize. However, the updated page on december 6, when he Grammynominerades in the categories "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album" for "Fallen Angels" and "Best Historical Album", for "The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series, Vol.12". The latest on his twitter account is that he starts a Uk tour in may next year.

It goes without saying that the use of Dylan’s låtskatt if you want to find out how he thinks. Some letters from the Swedish Academy do not teach the help given in the text of "You ain’t goin' nowhere," from 1967:

"I don’t care
How many letters they late
Morning came and morning went
Pick up your money
And pack up your tent
You ain’t goin' nowhere."

Or öppningsraden in "All along the watchtower": "There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief." (1968)

When Urban von Rosen reviewed the album "Nashville skyline" in SvD 4 may 1969 acclaimed he Dylan, poet: "The words he sings do not really need no music. They speak for themselves. Consider some time to read some of his texts aloud to yourselves."

Dylan defending himself early for poesistämpeln and in an entertaining press conference in 1965, he received the relevant issue of whether he sees himself as a singer or a poet. The answer was very Dylanskt:

” I see myself primarily as a song – and-dancer.

It is probably the explanation why he does not show up in Stockholm to receive the Nobel prize in literature.

the royal Dramatic theatre’s main stage, where the actress Rebecka Hemse, Irene Lindh, Adam Pålsson, Sofia Pekkari, Johan Rabaeus and Nina Zanjani especially the works of Bob Dylan’s works. Anne Brown sings Dylan and Sara Danius, the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy are also involved. Monday, december 12, at 19-20.15.

At the Stockholm city theatre to be given the last performance of "Dylansällskapet",a comedy about male friendship, and passionate love of an artist. Saturday 10 december at 13.30.


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