Friday, February 10, 2017

Radioprofilen Roger Nordin held on to the choke – Aftonbladet

Close to becoming the new lineup of the popular radio show

vitamin C is useful – in small doses.

It was Roger Nordin from the "Rix Morronzoo" aware of, when he put a apelsinklyfta in the neck – and held on to the choke.

"It was close to it was a new lagupställning again," writes the radio programme on their Instagram.

He returned to the Rix FM’s morgonshow last year after a couple of years at the competitor NRJ.

But during Thursday it was close to Roger Nordins a comeback in the radio show came to an abrupt end.

Radioprofilen put suddenly a apelsinklyfta in the neck – and held on to the choke.

– It began to flow froth from the mouth, ” says Roger Nordin.

The dramatic incident occurred when he planned the next day’s shipment in on Wednesday. He was well tucked at his desk and no one saw what was about to happen. Not even when Roger Nordin stood up and tried to attract attention by pointing towards his neck, someone reacted.

He managed to hobble off to the marketing department, where he ultimately got help from the marketing manager Sebastian Voght, who got out apelsinbiten with the help of a Heimlichmanöver.

Who can do a Heimlichmanöver?

But first talked with the colleagues together who actually could make a Heimlichmanöver.

– "Who can?", "Not I", "But I can try," says Roger Nordin to discuss.

finally intervened Sebastian Voght. He is pressed to about the waist of the Roger Nordin. But nothing happened.

– He tested two times. The second time flew the orange out.

A shocked Roger Nordin could finally take a breather.

– I thought Roger was joking at first, but then I realized that it was not for fun when they did Heimlichmanövern on him, ” says programledarkollegan Laila Bagge, who saw the whole incident.

– When I saw apelsinbiten fly out, I was shocked. He could for the phase to have died if no one helped him or if he had been himself.

Close to becoming the new lineup in Rix Morronzoo

"Morronzoo"-the gang discussed the incident in Thursday’s program. In addition, published the radio, a picture of his Instagramkonto with the text: "It was near that it became the new line-up again in the Rix Morronzoo".

Where send the followers greetings to Roger Nordin and his saving angel.

"Sebbe! You are a hero!", write a.

"Glad you’re okay Roger, of course, but I must say that the story itself and how you told me it did so I myself put in the neck though only a coffee and I almost tanned lip of me this morning. Thanks for the good start of the day hihi", writes another.


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