Friday, October 2, 2015

Friends and colleagues about Göran Hägg – Aftonbladet

The author and commentator Göran Hägg has died.

Now mourned him by his friends and colleagues.

– He combined glimpse, language knowledge says Ingvar Oldsberg Nöjesbladet.

Göran Hägg became suddenly ill in Italy last Saturday and died four days later, on Wednesday, September 30, writes SVT.

He has for many years participated in the SVT programs like news panel in “Gomorron Sweden” and also “On the Trail”.

– We have lost a large literature profile. I do not know if there are many that can compare with him in knowledge. He should have been given to the Swedish Academy, with the knowledge he has. I must say, the writer says Björn Hellberg , which led the “On track” with Ingvar Oldsberg when Hägg participated.

– There is a loss. In “On the Trail”, he combined glimpse, language and knowledge. It is the basic idea of ​​the concept “On the Trail”. Since I’ve met him a couple of times “only in step”. A carrier of gleam and content, says Ingvar Oldsberg.


Ohly , former leader of the Left often shared the sofa with Göran Hägg SVT the new panel.

– I think it’s terrible. We were sitting together in the new panel just a few weeks ago. I did not know him so well, but I liked him very much. After each time we been in the same panel as we sat there afterwards and talked and laughed and he gave me further reading. We really had fun together and I liked him enormously. I am so incredibly sorry for this. It is so sad, he says.

Caroline af Uggla , which competed with Göran Hägg in “On the Trail”, explaining that she felt that the author was like a father figure to her.

– I think so much of him. He was so special and fun, not only very intelligent, but also hugely entertaining and nice to hang out with, she says.

– We were a little soulmates, giant of how we met, yet so we complemented each other and I do not mean in the “On track” but private. We had so much fun together and hung out even a little bit off “on track”, she continues.

When did you see him last?

– I was in the “Stars of Babben” on TV and it was recorded almost a year ago, and then they invited Goran also without me knowing about it. It was so delightful and fun. We talked about that I would come and visit him in Italy when I was just passing, but it crapped out after all. But now I am most sorry for his family and children.

“Important populisator”

The historian and writer Dick Harrison seem to remember his friend for his life’s work.

– He was a highly respected colleague. A highly skilled and important vulgarizer. So I want to highlight his work. He was one of the few Swedish academics who actively want to contribute to adult education, by entering popular, says Harrison.

– He has written about so much, about the popes, about philosophy, about Mussolini, rhetoric, there are no red threads, but he has been interested in how much time and tried to write about it as understandable as possible, so that you do not need to be a professor to read and that is what is the meaning of knowledge that should be disseminated to the general public . Where he has played a very important role, he said.

Harrison also remember the meetings with Hägg “On track”:

– I remember that we received exactly as many points, it proved that our knowledge was exactly equivalent. He was in many ways a rich acquaintance, a man that it was hard not to be impressed by, he said.

Marianne Rundström , host of “Good morning Sweden”, explains the news is unexpected:

– It was only a few weeks ago that we were together in the studio, and he was very enthusiastic about his trip. So it is quite unbelievable actually. He has contributed so much knowledge, desire and commitment. He has taken a part in a panel that almost no other. He could almost replace the mind sometimes just because it would be fine in the panel. He had the difficult central role. But handled the same way as the gallant gallant person he was. There was also a real gentleman. He is incredibly missing, she says.


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