Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gunfire the premises in Gothenburg – Expressen

A local on Friskväderstorget in Biskopsgården fired in Gothenburg Wednesday evening.

This concerns several shots must have been fired from two mopeds and possibly a car.

According to police, so no person has come to physical harm.

– Fortunately, no person has been injured, said police spokesman Christer Fuxborg.

The alarm about the shooting received at 19.30 on Wednesday.

Police have cordoned off the site and searching in the immediate area for the perpetrators.

According to Christer Fuxborg there are reports that shots have been fired by the four occupants of two mopeds. Optionally persons in a car having links to the attack.

The police are now searching for suspected offenders in the area. According Fuxborg it is too early to say whether the shootings may be linked to the ongoing gang conflict in the Bishop’s Palace.

– We do not know yet, but this area is included in the operation Trygg Gothenburg and it is the staff who work with the initiative that works with this right now. They have a good handle on these different configurations, says Christer Fuxborg.

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