Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mamma mia, which Abba party! – Sydsvenskan

– The silenced not the quality. Everything is incredibly high standard, from the food to the set design and sound and light, says director Roine Söderlundh.

He is behind show with writer Calle Norlén Abbas and Bjorn Ulvaeus.

– Bjorn is very involved, he’s here, and agree and he is careful with everything. It’s incredibly fun and inspiring to be with him, says Roine Söderlundh.

“Mamma Mia! The party” includes ABBA songs and the idea is to recreate the ambience of a Greek tavern in the film. The plot is not the same as in the musical and film – the party is just a party and the idea is that the audience should be.

– Guests will get feel very involved, they may be with. They do not set up any teaterlek but they might get to be in a quiz or a guess-intro-racing says Sussie Eriksson, one of the actors involved.

She was also with the Swedish production of” Mamma Mia! “- musical and says it was the music that attracted even this time.

– But also the opportunity to be with an original set, to be involved in creating the concept and crafting characters, said Sussie Eriksson.

And they have plenty of time to . It is a complicated production and rehearsals underway throughout the fall. When it is time for the premiere on January 20, the hope is to offer a full evening of rank.

– We have no beginning and no end. It starts when you arrive and ends when you want to go home, you decide for yourself, and the way you’ve got this story, you’ve got to sing and dance and you’ve hopefully had a very nice, says Roine Söderlundh.


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