Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oscarsteatern evacuated – for Berg & Meltzers premiere – Aftonbladet

Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer had promised a roaring premiere of “Rock & amp; Meltzer Oscars “.

When the fire alarm went off and Oscar Theatre had to be evacuated.

Among the 850 guests were, among others, Carola, who was on the show.

During Tuesday was the premiere of Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer new show “Rock & amp; Meltzer Oscars “. The show, which includes various skits and guests, taking place in a number of weeks and will also be broadcast on Channel 5th

The place was among other Carol , who visited the program, and her children Zoe . But the evening was more dramatic than expected. Between the first and second act went namely fire alarm. Then were around 850 people in the theater, which was evacuated.

– It was calm and collected. Two fire trucks arrived on the scene very quickly and could conclude that there were detectors in the attic that had responded to the smoke machine in the show, said Channel 5′s press officer Dan Panas Nöjesbladet.

“An unfortunate interruptions”

After 20 minutes, the audience could return to the salon.

– It was a regrettable interruption but after that could the show continue. The story ended happily.

After the show program leading duo very satisfied.

– It went great, it was so fun, says Christine Meltzer.

Carina Berg fills in

– We had promised surprises and unexpected things and that’s what happened to us too.

What was it that happened when the alarm went off?

– We had just passed the stage when it began to howl. It is believed always it is fake so we sat there a little. We’re seasoned theater people now, says Christine Meltzer.

– But then there came a shouting that everyone must go out on the street.

Of course, there was something chaotic.

– Where was Carol and all her suitcases with clothes that just poured out, and Alcazar stands in a glitzy outfits, says Christine Meltzer.

“Everyone was screaming for Carola”

Were you scared when the alarm went off?

– I was a bit afraid Carola never came out. “Where is Carol?” Shouted all but then she not out and was cool as a cucumber, says Carina Berg.

Afterwards, the duo celebrated the premiere of wine. And they also promise to cut down on the smoke machine to the next week.

“Rock & amp; Meltzer Oscars “broadcast in Channel 5 at 21:00 Sunday, October 25.


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