Friday, October 9, 2015

Plaster on the wound – even for darker-skinned – Göteborgs-Posten

Now, more people are able to put the plaster on the wound in the right skin tone.

After the huge debate that “flesh-colored” patches only available in beige, that is fair-skinned people, pulling Gothenburg Christina Löwenström and her colleague Camilla Hedberg started a company dealer patches even for dark-skinned.

It all started when she shared a debate on Facebook that there are only patches of light-skinned. She is self-skinned and think it is strange that there are more shades to choose from, in a society where there are 1,000 shades of light or red hair dye to choose from.

– The reactions to my Facebook Posts was completely unbelievable. Lots of people were upset, politicians, and all sorts who did not think that this was a problem. Common to them was that they are white. Then I got angry, because this is no longer about patches, but what is the norm what is “normal” and who has the right to be made visible in the community, says Christina Löwenström.

So she started making research and found an American company that produces patches of dark skin.

– It was started by a white man who adopted a black boy and discovered that lots of products were tailored for him, but not his son. And when we decided to start selling patches of dark-skinned, we have received lots of feedback from including adoptees, she says.

The first to sell patches even for dark-skinned becomes Apotea.

– But we turn to the county, others pharmacies and even football. We had thought about putting up a web store where we could also sell other products tailored for dark-skinned, but we have not really had time yet for it has gone so quickly and been such pressure, says Christina Löwenström.


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