Friday, October 9, 2015

Svetlana Alexievich will not vote – Swedish Radio

For the Belarusian opposition got the Nobel Prize for Literature to the harsh regime critic Svetlana Alexievich just in time just a few days before the “presidential elections”. Nobel Prize steals attention from a questionable “choices”.

– I am not a man standing on the barricades, I do not like barricades, but it required all the time barricades we live a shameful time, author Svetlana Alexievich yesterday at his first press conference in Minsk.

She sat on a stool completely surrounded by journalists in a far too small redaktionsrum on Nashe Niva, an independent opposition newspaper in Minsk. Almost all of the Belarusian reporters came from dissident media. Aleksijevitj has basically been banned in the state-controlled radio and television, several of her books are not published here.

And when the man she criticized hard during his more than 20 years in power to end public must congratulate her for the Nobel Prize it becomes understandable why the opposition harboring so strongly hope that the price will make a difference politically in Belarus.

– This day is more important than October 11 – the day of the presidential election. I am proud that Belarus is placed on the world map. Last year it was Ales Bjaljatskij who were among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize and this year wins Svetlana Alexievich. For me this is a sign that we are heading in the right direction, says Andrei Dinko, editor of Nashe Niva.

A direction of Europe , away from the Dinko called soft dictatorship while maintaining sovereignty. Russia is the black shadow, which made the opposition downplayed the criticism of the Lukashenko regime as the president highlighted east toward Moscow. Most recently highlighted in a negative response from Minsk to Russian proposals to place airbases in Belarus. The opposition held a large protest, which the regime has not tried to stop.

Svetlana Alexievich also sees threat from Russia and speaks of a return to a Soviet type of imperialism under Putin.

– I Love the Russian world, the good humanitarian Russian world, literature and music, but my Russian world there is no place for Beria, Stalin and Putin, she said yesterday.


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