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Tears for Härenstam at the tribute: One consolation – Expressen

Here is hailed Magnus Härenstam tearful at the International Comedy Film Festival in Stockholm.

After the praise tells the widow Bridget Härenstam and best friend Lasse Berghagen of grief for the departed comedian and actor.

– In the midst of the terrible grief and longing, it is still a kind of consolation there were so many, not just me who loved him everywhere on Earth, says Birgitta Härenstam.

The extremely beloved comedian, actor and presenter Magnus Härenstam passed away in June in the wake of cancer, 73 years of age. On Sunday remembered the family and friends to him during a celebration at the International Comedy Film Festival at Cinema Sture in Stockholm. In a panel discussion told Lill Lindfors, Bosse Parnevik and Lasse Hellstrom (who starred on the link) about their memories of Magnus. In the audience sat the family and many friends, including Lasse Berghagen and Vicky von der Lancken.

Birgitta Härenstam says after the tribute of grief and longing for her husband and the love and describes afternoon amazing.

– It is amazing with all this warmth and love that comes from all people to Magnus. Amidst the terrible grief and longing, it is still a kind of consolation that there were so many, not just me who loved him everywhere on earth, she says and continues:

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– It does not take away the grief, that’s not possible. But he has meant so much to so many in different generations is fantastic to see. There were both tears and laughter.

Lasse Hallstrom spoke about the love between Magnus and Birgitta and how it was noticeable how in love he was with his wife.

– We had eight wonderful lovely years. Really amazing. The big, big love. It was a pity that there were more than eight years, but one has to be grateful for having received such year. There are many who never get to experience what we had to do. He was wonderful to live with, says Birgitta.

She describes the time since her husband’s death as “appalling”.

– But the family stays together. Magnus had an expression that was “only we stick together” and we do his children, my children and me. We are often seen talking about him. Because he is a public figure he is after having just everywhere. I can not believe he’s gone really. You can not make more for me.

Also, for best friend Lasse Berghagen afternoon was emotional. The two knew each other for 30 years.

– Magnus and I was death pals. He was like an older brother to me. So the only thing I felt was some kind of anger, I was pissed off at him that he had died. I was sad and angry, he says, and continues:

– He’s incredibly missed. Somehow I am still angry and uncomprehending face of death, even though I knew that Magnus had problems with the cancer already ten years ago. I’ve followed his fight, where he was stoic. He was incredibly strong and full of acceptance to his fate but without any grief, but ran into tiles. Then when it’s clear you stand there and is surprised and feels a sadness and some form of anger.

– I walked away and felt empty. Just that you should never be seen any more, it’s really weird, he says.

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While describing he is the tremendous love that was conveyed during the tribute.

– There was so much love that even Magnus had he lived would have been a little surprised that he has put such a huge fine positive imprint of his career and his life, Lasse says.

Magnus Härenstams family has previously reported on Facebook that a documentary about Magnus should be done.

– It’ll go this Christmas. It is in the planning stages still, but it should go in Christmas, two hours, which I understand. That may be exciting and fun, says Birgitta Härenstam.

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