Saturday, October 10, 2015

Time to take the “Big Brother” house – Vasterbotten Courier

An actor who does not want to “die curious,” a dancer who dreams of getting an invitation to a recreation center for adults and a dairy farmer with a view to save the farm using the prize money from the reality show. There are just a few of the ten race covetous participants who check into the “Big Brother” house on Sunday night.

Adam ALSING making his seventh round as host of the program, but the concept of “power game” is a novelty for this year.

“This time it’s about playing the game, and do it brilliantly,” he says in a press release.

Each week appointed the rulers of the ‘Big Brother power game “, but with power comes notoriously responsibility. If participants will experience the title that only an advantage remains to be seen.

“Big Brother power game” will premiere on 11 October in channel 11.


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