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Ernmans dig at loa falkman for success – Expressen

Here is Malena Ernmans dig – the loa falkman.

The artist writes about watching the success in the New Year time and opportunity to compare themselves with last year CONDUCT OF THE host.

“Tjolahoppsan !! Husky looking up,” writes Ernman on Instagram.

Malena Ernmans transmission of SVT’s Ring Out, Wild Bells from Skansen became a success with viewers.

The program was seen by the entire 1.62 million viewers. There is a significant increase from last year’s broadcast loa falkman, when only 1.39 million viewers watched the New Year’s time.

On Instagram notes Malena Ernman increase – and sends a small dig at loa falkman.

“Tjolahoppsan !! Husky looking up at SVT midnight from Skansen.1,6mil saw the whole 46min” writes Ernman on Instagram.


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Malena Ernman is mighty proud of digestion.

“But those who saw part of the program was over 2, 3 million. And then explain them to understand things like that “it is not completely unlikely” that they looked at the run up to midnight …. that is the poem :) 2.3 million !!!!! Wow, “writes Ernman on Instagram.

After the success opens SVT to hire Ernman as anchor of the New Year time again this year.

– She made it alive and made it in 2015. So I would be happy to hire her again, said project manager Anders G Karlsson on the canal and continued:

– I think she did a fantastic job. I think she was absolutely phenomenal. She was the best. Ever.

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Meanwhile, Malena Ernman scorned online for “Ring Out, Wild Bells”.

She recently responded male in a post on Instagram.

“It may come as a shock to some, but the stage area during a television recording or a concert is not a public place where there is a human right to be present,” wrote Ernman on Instagram time .

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