Monday, January 4, 2016

Film West dominates Guldbaggen – Swedish Radio

Trollhättan based film West is involved in 32 of the films nominated for Guldbaggegalan 2016. Moreover, all three films nominated for the prestigious title of Best Picture Film Western productions.

– The ram is complete, one can say, says Mikael Fellenius, Planning Manager at the Film West.

In today revealed which films are nominated in the various price categories on Guldbaggegalan 2016, where mainly Swedish, but also international, the film is praised every year.

All three nominees for the best film is a production, Film West is having. The terms “Aftershocks” (directed by Magnus von Horn), “A man named Ove” (directed by Hannes Holm) and “my little sister” (directed by Sanna Lenken).

And for Film West Some look just as good in the line-up for Best Director. There, “My little sister,” “Thief of Honour” (directed by Peter Grönlund) and “Aftershocks”.

“A man named Ove” is nomierad to seven rams, in addition to Best Film applies, inter alia Best Actor “for Rolf Lassgård playing Ove.

The competing in the category of Best Actor in Ulrik Munther in” Aftershocks “and Philip Berg in ‘Immortals’.

Best Actress will go to Shima Niavarani in “She’s wild again tonight,” Malin Levanon of “Thief of honor” or Felice Jankell in “Young Sophie Bell”.

The Gala will be held on 18 January.

Nominated for Best Film : A man named Ove, Aftershocks, My little sister

Nominated Best Actress: Shima Niavarani (She s wild again tonight), Malin Levanon (Thief Heder), Felice Jankell (Young Sophie Bell)

Best Actor: Rolf Lassgård (A man named Ove), Ulrik Munther (aftershocks) and Philip Berg (Immortals)

Nominated for Best Screenplay: True Lenken (My little sister, Ronnie Sandahl (Swedish Bastard ) and Peter Grönlund (Thief Honours)

Nominated for Best Director: Magnus von Horn (aftershocks), Sanna Lenken (My little sister) and Peter Grönlund (Thief Honours)

Nominated for Best Cinematography: Linda Wassberg (The white people), Göran Hallberg (A man named Ove) and Gösta Reiland (flock)

Nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film : Leviathan, Carol and Timbuktu

Nominated for Best Documentary: Every Face Has a Name, Repository , I’m Ingrid

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress : Bahar Pars (A man named Ove), Eva Melander (The Herd) and Amy Deasismont (My little sister)

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor: Issaka Sawadogo (The white people), Mats Blomgren (aftershocks) and Henrik Dorsin (flock)

Nominated for Best Short Film : Audition, King Fury and Northern Storfjället

Nominated for Best Set Design: Ulrika Fredriksson (There should be rules) Matilda Afzelius (A wonderful fucking Christmas) & amp; Kajsa Severin (Thief Honours)

Nominated for Best Sound: Andreas Franck (The white people and Jönssonligan – the perfect heist) and Patrik Strömdahl and Jan Alvermark (She’s wild again tonight )

Nominated for Best Visual Effects: IXOR (circle) and Torbjorn Olsson (A man named Ove) and Torbjörn Olsson, Fredrik Pihl, Robert Södergren and Joel Sundberg (Lasse Maja’s Detective Agency – Stella Nostra)

Nominated for Best Makeup: Jenny Fred (The circle and the white people) and Eva von Bahr and Love Larsson (A man named Ove)

Nominated for Best Clips: Hanna Lejonqvist (My little sister), Anders Teigen (My life my lesson) and Christopher Nordin (Thief Honours)

Nominated for the Best Costume: Camilla Thulin (A wonderful fucking Christmas) and Stella J. Hox (Kim) and Mia Andersson (Thief Honours)

Nominated for Best Original Music: Benny Andersson (The Circle ), Jon Ekstrand (The white people) and Lisa Holmqvist (flock)


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