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“Ivanhoe” -stjärnans greeting to Sweden – Expressen

“Ivanhoe” is always displayed on New Year’s Day in Sweden.

Something that actor Sam Neill has previously commented – and now again.

” So strange. But hey Sweden, once again! ” he writes on Twitter.

For a long time it has become a tradition that the adventure film “Ivanhoe” appears on television on New Year’s Day in Sweden.

Now it’s New Year’s Day – and “Ivanhoe” is shown on TV3.

Meanwhile, actor Sam Neill, who plays the Templar Brian de Bois-Guilbert in the film, previously paid attention to the Swedish tradition.

Directs post on Twitter

Last New Year, he directed several Twitter messages to the Swedish people.

“The Swedes, bless them, has once again proven that, despite being among the most rational, most once a year are crazy – all they look at Ivanhoe, “he wrote then.

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He also says that he is happy that he is two hours a year is “the most hated man in Scandinavia”.

“On the bright side, for two hours every year, I am the most hated man in Scandinavia, “he wrote then on Twitter.

” Ivanhoe “-skådisen:” Hello Sweden “

And this year he does it again, this time in Twitter.

“So … strange. But – hey Sweden, once again! “He writes.

Since he has also responded to another tweet – which is a continuation of the last year in which he wrote that he was pleased that” two hours year was the most hated man in Scandinavia “.

” That’s kind 35 years I have been hated by the whole of Sweden. Oh my God, “he writes there.

Even on social media flowing reactions on New Year’s Day on the movie.

” Have I missed Ivanhoe now? “Asks one person on Twitter.

“Ivanhoe – always exciting, but what happens before and after a tournament?” asks another.

“Ivanhoe and pizza, standard on New Year’s day,” wrote another.

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