Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lana Del Rey terrified of fanatical fans – Aftonbladet

The two fans went too far with their threats.

Now fear the singer Lana Del Rey for her life – and are forced to turn to US police for protection, says the site

After the strange letters, threats of violence and suicide have American singer Lana Del Rey had enough. Now she turns to the Los Angeles police to get protection from the two fans who chased after her, slept outside her house and yelled at her in public.

According to the application for a restraining order, which the site TMZ. com have received, to be the star have been forced to escape the duo. But soon after they found out also address – and the circus began again.

Do bodyguard and special surveillance

Now worries about the star that the two stole seekers fans can go steps further and actually hurt her.

According to said del Rey fear for his life and has in addition to the restraining order she has hired both a bodyguard and taken the help of extra-working officers of the LAPD.

A judge should have granted the application, forcing the two fans to keep at least 100 meters away from the singer and her home.

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