Monday, January 4, 2016

Maria Brander: now taking back the miss in the Guldbaggegalan – Expressen

Best Film

Producer: Madeleine Ekman

“A man named Ove”
Producers: Annica Bellander and Niklas Wikström Nicastro

“My little sister”
Producer: Annika Rogell

Brander tips:
Oh, so black! But if I stick to the theory that Guldbaggen is turning to Oscar, so take Ove home this. If not, it will be “Aftershocks”.

Best Director

Magnus von Horn “Aftershocks”.

True The link for ” My little sister “.

Mr Grönlund for” Thief of honor “.

Brander tips: Just as hard here. If the best film goes to “Ove”, so should “Aftershocks” take this. Otherwise, I think even the “Thief of honor”.

Best Actress

Shima Niavarani for the role of Shima in “She’s Wild Again Tonight”.

Malin Levanon for the role of Minna in “Thief of honor”.

Felice Jankell for the role of Sophie Bell in “Young Sophie Bell”.

Brander dumps: Here I agree absolutely all thumbs Malin Levanon. Her presence and authenticity in “Thief Honor” is absolutely fantastic.


Rolf Lassgård for the role of Ove in “A man named Ove”.

Ulrik Munther for the role of John in “Aftershocks”.

Filipsberg for the role of Isaac in ‘Immortals’.

Brander tips: Galan safest short: This beetle goes to Lassgård for the transformations in the Oscar class. But still fun with the nomination also Munther!

Best Supporting Actress

Bahar Pars for the role of Parvaneh in “A man named Ove”.

Eva Melander for the role of Susanne in “The Flock”.

Amy Deasismont (Diamond) for the role of Katya in “my little sister”.

Brander tips: All three are good. But here I am still a little extra weak to Eva Melander unpleasant and difficult mother role.

Best Supporting Actor

Issaka Sawadogo for the role of Joseph in “The white the people “.

Mats Blomgren for the role of Martin in” Aftershocks “.

Henrik Dorsin for the role of Tony in” The Flock “.

Brander tips: is completely blown away by how good Dorsin is in drama, but the most affected, I still Mats Blomgren as the father in “Aftershocks”.

Best documentary:

“Every Face Has a Name” by Magnus Gertten.

“The repository” by Anna Persson and Shaon Chakraborty.

“I’m Ingrid” by Stig Bjorkman.

Brander tips: “repository” is certainly poignant and important, but may not “I’m Ingrid” this plan, I still go out in any form of strike. Here I miss also “Nice people”.


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