Monday, January 4, 2016

Mika speaks out about her hearing loss – Aftonbladet

Five years ago began the musician Mikael Wiehe hearing to deteriorate.

Now, he says for the first time about their hearing impairment to the union Adult Deaf in Sweden’s newspaper.

– I have a tweeter cases in both ears, he says.

It started with Mikael Wiehe Daughters irritated that he said “eh” at the dinner table so many times. To avoid disagreements he bought hearing aids – which are not always switched on.

– Some people I speak with unimpeded even without hearing aids while other people are talking in the registry where the lost sound, and then you get hard to hear them, says Mikael Wiehe to VIStidningen.

Is not worried

In addition to its own problems, Mikael Wiehe also experienced his father’s deafness.

– My father was not deaf When I was growing up, but it was old age. It was hard to have to scream in your ear when we talked. He had hearing aids but it helped him not so much, says Mikael Wiehe.

Although he notices that hearing gets worse it does not worry him or give him some reflections on learning sign language.

– I have been and raised the volume twice, so it will get worse. But I’m not worried, are not so worried understood.

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“Enjoyable sound “will not hurt

Mikael Wiehe that otherwise interest and engage in a range of policy issues has no plans for any major commitment when it comes to deaf people’s rights.

– I have other and time is limited. Then it is better that I am dealing with the question of Palestine and to combat right-wing extremism.

How much music behind the deterioration of the hearing he does not know but says that “enjoyable” sound will not hurt him.

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