Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Renck knew Bowie’s disease: “Drug morbid joke” – Swedish Dagbladet

Johan Renck directed David Bowie’s last music video “Lazarus”. Photo: Youtube

“In July, you told me you were sick. We never touched the substance directly back apart when you pulled morbid joke,” writes Renck on Instagram.

“The colored naturally our conversations during work as an insidious undercurrent but I was not able to take it,” he writes on.

“Lazarus” was released just days before Bowie passed away. With lines like “Look up, I’m in heaven” the song has been interpreted as Bowie’s farewell to the fans. Johan Renck also directed the 10 minute video for the single “Black Star”, which was released late last year.

In July You Told Me That You Were ill. We never Directly touched upon it again (apart from When You made morbid jokes). It, obviously, colored our talks on work like a nebulous and devious undercurrent but I was not Capable of taking it in, so I embraced it all as a note on mortality, a node on the aftermaths, a comment on the concept of legacy. What else Could one do?

Last night I dreamed That I bumped into you outside some dank building in deep Brooklyn. “I thought you were dead !?” I blurted out. “Who told you so?” you said with your infectious smile. “The world”. The world told me so! “You smiled even Wider.” Screw you world! “I bellowed, and we laughed; you bigger than me.

Well, screw you world.


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