Saturday, January 9, 2016

So the stars said goodbye to Lemmy in the night – Express

LOS ANGELES. Motörhead fans all over the world took in the night a final goodbye to Lemmy.

The live memorial ceremony Los Angeles, filled with both tears and laughter, followed by over 250,000 viewers on YouTube.

– Lem, take it easy on the other hand, said Motörheads Swedish drummer Mikkey Dee in his farewell address.

Lots of white flowers beside large black Mashall speakers.

It was a scene worthy of a last farewell of rock legend Lemmy.

From a podium took turns family and friends to pay tribute to bassist who lived life as a rock star until the end.

– We do not think the pain he had, he would never admit it, said Lemmy’s son Paul.

– He struggled with the last album because of his health, but when it was finished he went out on tour because the fans always came first, he said.

After the opening speech by Paul stepped Mikkey Dee to the pulpit and spoke about their 25 years of friendship with Lemmy.

– We were his second family … The last years, his health declined. Until I had not even seen him coughing or go with a snotty nose. But it was the first time we started talking about common things when we were out playing. He said he did not regret anything with his life. What we do … did, was what he wanted to do, said Mikkey Dee.

He concluded by saying “see you soon”.

Memorial ceremony was held at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery. Which rests already known artists and actors like Humphrey Bogart, Walt Disney, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson.

But even in other places in Los Angeles was dedicated last night to celebrate Lemmy’s life.

One initiative was to pay tribute to the star at his favorite bar, rock institution Rainbow Bar & amp; Grill on Sunset Boulevard. The organizers realized, however, soon Rainbow would be too crowded and announced instead that the whole of the Sunset, with bars Whisky and The Roxy, would serve as a meeting place for all who wanted to come out.

It was December 28 as the passing of the iconic singer and bassist struck like a bomb on social media. This two days after the icon received his cancer diagnosis.


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