Saturday, October 3, 2015

Adam Torsell: “It is black” – Aftonbladet

Adam Torssell may leave “Idol”. The disappointment afterwards was great – but Alexander Bard does not think 25-year-old was the worst.

– It was Ida, he said.

It was Adam Torssell that had to pack your bags for tonight’s Friday the final of “Idol.” 25-year-old sang “Dancing in the Moonlight” and sawed hard by the jury.

– This was too much Bamesklubben. You’ll be much tougher, said Anders Bagge among others.

Alexander Bard sawn also Adam Thor Sells fashion choices and likened him to a “speck of dust”.

– I do not think so much, it is quite difficult, so Adam Torssell the broadcast.

After the program was Anders Bagge not surprised that it was Adam Torssell who had to leave.

– He did wrong song choice. He have also come in a bit late with Play-ticket so he did not have the same chance as the others.

You hugged him afterward, it felt a pain?

– I hugged him and told him that his career is just getting started. I believe in him rock hard. With the right dance tune, a Axwell and Ingrosso-beat with his voice so it will fly for the guy.

“Ida was the worst”

Alexander Bard Nor was he surprised. Before the vote reported for he had tipped either Adam Torssell or Ida da Silva could smoke.

– Ida was probably the least well overall, but she also had a difficult song to sing. I also believe that the audience will be touched by her in a different way.

Even Alexander Bard raises Play ticket as a contributing factor to Adam Tore Sell allowed to leave.

– There is a disadvantage as he lived dangerously. He has not had some magic moments in the competition, and by now almost everyone has had it.

– I think the audience thought it was relevant. Well, he thought to whether their outfit and came in a denim jacket. Then he makes a damned undistinguished song that he was also singing mediocre.

You were pretty hard on his dress.

– Yes, it can not be shy and look like an après ski singers if they should win “Idol”.

“Hard to embrace”

Afterward was comforted Adam Torsell of friends.

– It’s boring but I had a bad gut feeling this morning.

What did you think of the jury critique?

– I do not know what I to think about that, it was quite difficult to grasp. It was something about Bamse and clothes, I do not know what I will take with me of it. It would have been better if the criticism had been more constructive so you know what to take with them.

What do you do now?

– Now Well a beer or two.


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