Saturday, October 3, 2015

From Jesus to the penis – so tokhyllades “Idol” -Martin – Aftonbladet

The audience did not stop rejoice Martin Almgren.

Then called Alexander Bard on his perhaps strangest tribute so far in the “Idol”.

– You are a singing penis!

Last Friday finals, Martin Almgren from Lindesberg Anders Bagge to exclaim, it’s a new Jesus to Sweden.

In the evening made the 27-year-old again when he sang Daniel Powters “Bad Day”.

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After the performance the jury calm down the audience who never wanted to stop clapping.

It was then Alexander Bard delivered its remarkable tribute.

– I look at you and there is nothing there, no choreography. And then I wonder, what is it you do that makes you so fascinated? Then it hit me, you are a singing penis. You just stand there firmly and as rattles the ovary.

“Had difficulty singing in the end”

Martin Almgren was praised also by both Anders Bagge and Laila Bagge .

– If God is good to get to Globen. So good, you said Anders Bagge.

– The crowd speaks for itself, you got back, said Laila Bagge.

Martin Almgren was noticeably moved by the audience’s response.

– I had difficulty singing in the end, he says, and tears down the new applause.

Even among readers of Aftonbladet joined Martin Almgren home and in Nöjesbladet vote on who was best tonight he gets the whole 54 percent of the vote.

“Just Bard who can express themselves as”

After the program developed Alexander Bard his penis tribute to Aftonbladet.

– How do you describe a guy who just goes in and stands at the mike? He just sings and everyone is having. He has done it two Fridays in a row and go home like hell. Then I thought, what have been the metaphor for a man who just stands there and sings and takes away? Well a singing penis.

One that was not as pleased with Alexander Bard’s penis tribute was Laila Bagge.

– It is only Bard that can express it. Sure it’s fun but it’s just a weird comment, she says.

A popular appeal factor

But Alexander Bard is similar not only Martin Almgren at a singing penis but also at Christer Sjögren .

– It sounds corny but it’s one of those popular appeal factor in Martin. There’s a man from the people among whom sings as hell good and is stable and secure. He is hard to poke at the other, it is a real challenge that he is having.

Do you think singing penis-style will take him to the finals or he needs to develop?

– The fact that he has done so little so it would suffice with a small gesture so the audience would cheer. He can go very far to do much more than this. Now is the Martin-fever in the cabins, and it is very difficult to stop.

Celebrated – to sign autographs

After the program Martin Almgren spend time signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans.

– It feels great.

Are you a singing penis?

– Apparently, says Martin Almgren and laughs .

What did you think when you heard it?

– I’m not surprised at what comes out of Alexander’s mouth. But it’s a little strange description, I think.

Martin Almgren myself have no good explanation for why he was loved by the audience.

– I do not know actually, I just go out and I sing. And then I try to get the feeling. I do nothing, it feels like, he says, laughing.

What would it mean to win “Idol”?

– Oh, I have not thought on, I’ll take this one week at a time. But it is clear that it would be acrimonious, to say the least.


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