Monday, October 12, 2015

Aged pop stars in TV4 comedy – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Self he plays the band mins things Jens, recognized for its Nick Carter-inspired hairstyle. The other band members, Peder and Torkel, played by Jonas Karlsson and Henrik Dorsin.

The recordings went on for two months, and contained naturally a blast singing and dancing – something that was not quite easy to get to .

For David Wiberg was a dance challenge some of the attraction.

– It was both scary and fun, to forced to dance together and make tough moves that only felt uncomfortable, he said.

Peter Magnusson describes recording process as “asrörig and intense, but fun.” “Playing pop star” is anything he can to some extent relate to.

– I’m campfire guitarist and played when I was little and then around 20, I wanted to learn more to get the girls, says Peter Magnusson laughs.

Whether the show’s Boy Machine manages to break through again remains to be seen. In the beginning, turns out to be the public interest for the middle-aged men retreat to be the least lukewarm and the band had to fight the severe headwinds.

“Boy Machine” will premiere on TV4 on Friday, October 16th.


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