Monday, October 12, 2015

Here, the camera tracks out – in SVT’s live broadcast – Aftonbladet

SVT Nils Holmqvist do it again.

It saves meteorologist hunk weather forecast in the “News” – when the robotic camera runs amok.

– No one knows what happened, he says to Aftonbladet.

Nils “Snyggmeteorologen” Holmqvist could just provide the forecast of 21 broadcast of “News”.

Then decided to robotic camera to hold, which led to a somewhat chaotic broadcasting.

Nils Holmqvist, who received hearts to melt with his Skåne dialect, remained however icy when the camera pulled away and instead started filming presenters Cecilia Gralde and Jon Nilsson . After chasing up with the camera he was able to finish its forecast and now he is celebrated on social media for his performance.

– There was of course an exciting ending to an otherwise fairly quiet day, says Nils Holmqvist when Nöjesbladet reach him .

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What really happened?

– There is no one who knows, he who controls all the cameras sat right next door and snatched just on the shoulders. Then I realized that the camera probably would not come back and that I had to run to it instead. This has never happened to me before but I have seen on Youtube that they can run away sometimes, they seem to live their own lives.

“A sensible forecast”

Nils Holmqvist satisfied with his effort.

– Yes, I looked at it afterwards and it was a sensible forecast. And it was fun that I got to go on. I felt it a little radio rather than television without camera so that was why I nervously asked Jon and Cecilia if I should continue.

They seemed to have a little hard to keep from laughing?

– Yes, they said “go to” and then grinned those, he says and adds:

– But I got the thumbs up by his colleagues on the way out and then got I am a high five, it’s always good.

What did you feel when you realized that the camera took off?

– You wake up really. But that’s the fun of live broadcast, it’s fun when it happens unexpected things.

“Just trying to be myself”

Since Nils Holmqvist started at SVT, he has received many hearts throb. Himself he does not know why he is so popular.

– I just try to be myself, even in the box.

What happened the way your epic cat disclose?

– We do so many broadcasts so I thought it was sad to have me again, it’s like pulling the same joke several times.

You got no SERMON of managers?

– No, I had checked with the manager before and she gave the thumbs up.


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