Thursday, October 1, 2015

Brita Zackari and Donald Wahlström Zackari expecting a baby – Aftonbladet

The TV couple Donald Wahlström Zackari and Brita Zackari expecting their first child together.

– It is very difficult to make, says Brita Zackari Nöjesbladet.

It is on his blog as TV host Brita Zackari says she and her husband, SVT profile Donald Zackari Wahlström , expecting a baby.

It is so incredibly disruptive and great fun but has not exactly been smooth sailing so far. Note, we are super excited and I feel really comfortable with the idea of ​​being pregnant but have been feeling so terribly bad that I barely been able to be myself , “she writes.

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“simply mad”

The child will be born during the first quarter of next year.

If everything goes as it should, that is. I always say that because I hardly dare to trust that all that just to work. But so far it looks ok, and when we were on the ultrasound squirming hen around so we could barely get a picture. Yearn so madly until I get to meet hen and get to know what kind of person. And see what I’m getting too personal when I suddenly become someone’s mother . “

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On Instagram has Donald Wahlström Zackari uploaded a picture of his wife pointing to his stomach.

Not to brag but ,” he writes in capital letters.

Donald Wahlström Zackari has a son already. Now he becomes a father for the second time.

– It feels great. We always knew that we would have children, we just did not know when, says Kalle Wahlström Zackari Nöjesbladet.

“She has a pile of marie biscuit on the arms along the distance”

He also certify that Brita has felt “very, very bad”:

– She has a small pile of marie biscuit on the arms along the distance.

Brita Zackari says she still can not quite understand that she will be the mother.

– I do not think I’m super unique in that, all of that will get kids think that it is absolutely mind boggling. It’s really hard to make it to become a person. But I have heard that there are very concrete when they come out.

Has it been tough until now?

– Yes, I think I might is quite difficult to accept that there is anything that makes me have to pull down at my usual pace. That’s some kind of good girl syndrome. It is quite crunching to be used to having a certain speed in their lives that need to be pulled down, she says and adds:

– I think it’s so strange that you do not talk more about it is tough in the beginning but it is perhaps because we are women, we suffer in silence. If men were pregnant had certainly been a bit more accomodating about that first time.

Brita Zackari was formerly presenter of TV3′s comedy programs “Not OK!” Together with Felix Herngren. She has also been the host of Rix Morronzoo. Donald Wahlström Zackari has among other things been the host of SVT’s “Sweat and label”.


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