Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trains filled with corrosive chemicals collided – Göteborgs-Posten

When two trains collided in the yard leaked corrosive hydrogen peroxide. The police and fire brigade cordoned off the road from Munkebäcksgatan and SKF. Also trains going past the accident scene has been stopped.

It is corrosive hydrogen peroxide has leaked from the tank car, according Rescue Service, which is in place with eight points.

– There will be gas from it when it comes out. There will be a white cloud of gas and corrosives, says Peter Engstrom, chief of staff of the Rescue Service.

One area of ​​fifty meters around the leaking carriage was sealed off, and the industrial area were evacuated. Police cordoned off the Von Outcome Street and the bridge over the trail from Munkebäcksgatan.

– It just got a couple who jogged, but they were turned away, said a witness at the scene, describing the situation as “full throttle”.

The rescue services have been out to examine and seal the leak. The trailer can hold a large number of tonnes of hydrogen peroxide.

– We have kemdykardräkter of rubber and the same equipment that you have when you rökdyker, ie respirators and air tanks, said Peter Engstrom.

According to the incident commander on location was when two trains collided as the toxic and flammable substance spilled on the ground. The large leak is no longer, according to Emergency Services. They believe that there is no danger to the public.

– A number of liters has leaked onto the ground and should be taken care of.

According to GP’s photographer on the spot, police sealed off driving route has been lifted. Meanwhile, all power is turned off on the train track that runs past the site of the accident. The trains will be energized until the rescue services have left the site for security reasons. At present there is no forecast for when it happens.

All trains between Gothenburg and Alingsås has been stationary, but ventilation and lighting, according to witnesses. Trains have not reached Alingsås than diverted via Vanersborg to Gothenburg, according to a witness.

More information to come.


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