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Carl Bildt, the Swedish Radio Advent Calendar – Expressen

The cast in “Månsaråttan”

Nanne Grönvall play Månsaråttan

Lily Östervall Lyngbrant play Tea

Nour El-Refai play Månsaråttans constant companion quay Lindberg De Geer Van the Haute.

Anders Jansson play Bykestads strongman Sture.

Lena Phillips play Rosita, Månsaråttans great love.

Sissela Benn play Christel, Teas mother.

Dogge Doggelito plays Enzo, Teas papa.

William Spetz play Wilmer, Teas fotbollstokige brother.

Johan Glans play Dirty Hasse who works for Sture.

Clara Henry play recreation leader Aman.

Carl Bildt play Teas uncle Diego.

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Carl Bildt is ready for this year’s Advent Calendar Swedish Radio.

The former foreign minister will play the role of Uncle Diego “Månsaråttan”.

He will play against, among others Nanne Grönvall, Lena Phillips and Johan Glans, writes Swedish Radio on its website.

Now it is clear that “Månsaråttan” will be this year’s Christmas calendar in the Swedish radio. And it is not the role of herd anything that pops up. Among other things, the former Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister Carl Bildt to play one of the roles, the one uncle Diego, in the Advent calendar.

The other roles will be played by the likes of artists Nanne Grönvall and Lena Phillips , comedians Nour El-Refai, Anders Jansson Johan Glans and Sissela Benn and Youtube phenomenon William Spetz and Clara Henry writes Swedish Radio on its website.

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Nanne Grönvall play the role of “Månsaråttan”

The Advent Calendar ” Månsaråttan “is about an unexpected friendship between the homeless woman Månsaråttan, played by Nanne Grönvall, and the eleven-year-old Tea, played by radio debut Lily Östervall Lyngbrant.

– Månsaråttan is an exuberant character, she’s sassy and brave. It was great fun to play her and I looked forward to every recording day, says Nanne Grönvall to Swedish Radio.

Lily Östervall Lyngbrant, 11, describes his role:

– Tea and I am similar, yet different. She is a really cool girl who wants to experience the adventure. I myself am much more lively and giggly, says Lily Östervall Lyngbrant to the radio station.

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This is “Månsaråttan “if

On the Swedish Radio’s website says the following description of the coming Advent calendar:

” Tea expect even a boring winter in his uneventful life in the little Skåne village Bykestad. Then do the homeless woman Månsaråttan entrance with a bang and turn upside down everything. It becomes a winter full of wild moped chases, crunchy phone calls from Brindisi and Havana, eldslukarkonster and burglary. “

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