Thursday, October 15, 2015

The lawyer saw Lisa Holm-inquiry: “It is not enough” – Aftonbladet

In the near future prosecutions brought against the suspect 35-year-old Lisa Holm case.

His lawyer Inger Rönnbäck have now started to read through the preliminary investigation – and saw the evidence.

– I can not imagine that he will be doomed to this, it is not enough, she says to Aftonbladet.

one week is expected Prosecutor Lars-Göran Wennerholm bring charges against the 35-year-old man suspected of murdering 17-year-old Lisa Holm.

On Thursday, 35-year-old and his attorney Inger Rönnbäck for the first time take part of the extensive investigation on 2000 pages.

Earlier, they had the evidence presented to them orally.

– We sit down maybe every other day and with the help of an interpreter so we go through the site the page says Inger Rönnbäck Aftonbladet.

“Not very much substance”

She has previously been skeptical about the strength of the evidence against his client. That feeling only strengthened.

– It is difficult to assess. There are very many witnesses who have been heard, but the parts I’ve read does not much matter, she says.

She continues:

– That it would mean a conviction of a murder prosecution, I can not see in front of me. Moreover, there is ample evidence in this material that speaks to our advantage.

35-year old is relieved

Unless something unexpected happens, it is the evidence that has now been presented for Inger Rönnbäck as will be tried at the trial.

– It could always pop up stuff, but this is likely material. I can not imagine that he will be doomed to this, it is not enough.

What about DNA traces in the Prosecutor?

– The interesting thing is not whether there is DNA or not, but how it got there. Dna available almost everywhere, and if you work somewhere, DNA can be deposed.

How is your client?

– He is relieved that soon we are in the district court and get it tested. He thinks it feels good to have gotten this far.


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