Friday, October 2, 2015

Collin Martin Almgren, I love you! – Express

Out with the fair boys and their sprayed fringes.

In a red-headed god.

Martin Almgren, I love you!

No, Martin Almgren is not the typical idol. This should preferably be a dark-haired, sammetsögd guy with languorous voice, and possibly some thin leather strap as necklaces (perhaps with a seashell from holiday abroad as a charm). You should be able to sing Boyzone Ballads so Laila Bagge gets goose bumps and smile shyly but sensual straight into the camera. The female option is to be a “cool girl” who has both feet on the ground, but an attitude and body language as “works internationally.” And you do, do not think the girl must also be stylish and have a crop top.

What appeared as Martin Almgren up?

He is “Idol” -deltagaren who received a simple makeover which colored his pale eyelashes and gesturing on the brows with mascara. He tore the “Idol” -studion with tonight’s interpretation of “Bad Day” and last week began the jury (not very imaginative) comparing him to Ebbot. I take it that there is only a single reference for aspiring artists who do not fit into it perfectly molded shape. Only it indicates that we have a surplus of fair boy band stars with Oscar Linnros pile.

The most tantalizing with Martin Almgren is that he is bearded, without being hip, has a bushy red hair and looks to live a life far from the spotlight.

Which fundamental misunderstanding it is and how ridiculous prejudiced get to feel now really?

He sings like a god, the hair stood up on me so I had to stump pile, just as if it would be 1987 again. He is unpretentious, moves uncoordinated, yet he fills out the scene in a way that no one else has managed this year.

You’ve been talking for several “Idol” -säsonger that it is the “girls ‘years’. This year it was a guys. Axel Schylströms voice is lovely. Magnus Englund has the coolest style and best popröst, Bori Shoyebo is a happy pills, Simon Zion is simply breathtaking and Martin Almgren is nothing more than just the best.


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