Friday, October 2, 2015

Göran Hägg is dead – had a heart attack in Italy – Aftonbladet

The author and rhetoric expert Göran Hägg is dead.

During a trip to Italy he collapsed from a heart attack and died four days later.

– It is terrible. It came as a bolt from the blue, says publisher Stefan Hilding Aftonbladet.

Renowned literary scholar, commentator and author Göran Hägg has died during a trip to Italy. It reports SVT, which Hägg every three weeks participated in Gomorron Swedish news panel.

The program’s editor Dr Lundin received death announcement from Göran Hägg’s daughter on Friday.

– He got a huge heart attack in hotel in Italy. He fell down and became unconscious almost immediately. Since he was treated in hospital for several days, but could not do anything and he died on Wednesday. He never regained consciousness, says Dr Lundin Aftonbladet.

Should honored in SVT

Göran Hägg appeared in the news panel no later than two weeks ago.

– He was an incredibly educated, talented and funny person who loved debate. When he appeared in our news panel he was always spot on, she says.

Göran Hägg was in Italy to lecture on Sicily’s history of the place on the Italian island.

– When he were included in the panel later, he looked really looking forward to this trip. He was passionate for education and to get people to understand how fun it is to things, says Dr Lundin.

On Friday, a week would Göran Hägg again have taken place in Gomorron Sweden sofa next to the former Left leader Ohly and Stockholm’s former Finance Commissioner, moderate politician Kristina Axen Olin.

– It will feel empty. We will honor his memory, both on Monday when we have the next transmission, and on Friday, when he would have been sitting in the panel next time, says Dr Lundin.

“Without warning”

Stephen Hilding was Häggs publisher at the publishing house Norstedts. He describes the announcement of the author as shocking.

– It came without warning. We met only a few weeks ago and then he was in a very good mood. We had a very nice evening, just like always when we met. He was a very generous and devoted person. What happened is a big loss both for the publisher and for me personally, he says to Aftonbladet.

– We talked about the new book project, the author meets and trips that he would do. Goran was always very creative and forward-looking.

apartment in Pisa

Italy had a very special place in the author’s heart. Together with his wife, Göran Hägg an apartment in Pisa, where they often spent.

– Italy meant a lot to him, and he was one of the leading experts on the country of Sweden. He followed developments in Italy very closely, says Stefan Hilding.

Göran Hägg was 68 years old. He mourned the closest of his wife and three children.


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