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Dairy farmer opens for six in the “Big Brother” – Expressen

Here are the participants in the new “Big Brother power game”.

Dairy Farmer Lina opens for sex on TV – to save the family farm.

– Dad probably was not very fond of the beginning, says Lina.

“Big Brother” returns.

After last year’s sluggish commitment, Channel 11 sought new ways to find with the audience.

When would sift year’s participants chose therefore to fool the applicants. A group participants examined that a “Project X”, and did not find out that it was really about “Big Brother” until they were ready for the program.

Lina Sjöberg is a dairy farmer from Bergby, north of Gavle . She sets up the program to save the family farm.

– I want to save the farm. It’s tough. I get a half a million, I can pay a bunch of bills, she says.

Lina Sjoberg says her father reacted to his participation by saying “not the goddamn fucking house.”

– Dad probably was not very fond of beginning. But now he discusses strategies with me. Mum thinks it’s great fun. My sister says: “fuck you on TV, I am not your sister anymore.” It happens then it happens, she says.

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Alex Flores from Stockholm born Angelica. But now Alex middle of the journey from girl to guy.

– I’m in the middle of my adventure. I’m into operations and should start with hormones too. I made a mastectomy, removed the breasts. I have also frozen down the eggs before I’ll start with testosterone. I bet at the beach in 2016, he said.

The program has also undergone a number of changes and changed its name to “Big Brother power struggle.” The focus will be on the challenges in which participants are given various powers. Another novelty is that several participants have partners outside the house.

Dan Panas is press officer for Discovery Networks, where Channel 11 is included. He says that more participants with conditions outside the house does not necessarily prevent bobbing quilts in the house.

– It is true that we have both in a relationship and those who are single. “Big Brother” is a competition where everyone puts up their strategy. A single might have been easier to put a strategy in which sex is a part of the strategy. But everyone puts up their strategy. And the house is such that adult humans do.

The program will premiere on October 11.

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