Saturday, October 10, 2015

‘Well, now I’ll go away and play movie’ – Aftonbladet

His latest role is as homeless and police. But in the evenings and the nights he helps refugees.

– People ask how I can, but I get so damn lot out of helping these people, says Kjell Bergqvist 62.

The beard itches and far. There worn her hair covered barely the dirty hat. Kjell Bergqvist is full of energy, but looks to have gone to bed very late numerous nights in a row.

And he has, in fact. While he played in the SVT and Film West’s new major initiative “Spring River”, he has also in the last month helped amounts of newly arrived refugees come to Sweden. At the Central Station in Stockholm, at the refugee reception center in Sickla and the last week is the same in Kållered outside Gothenburg. The night before, he sat and talked with refugees and staff from the Swedish Migration Board to two o’clock.

– If I’m tired? No, not really. Because I have seen people who have been forced to flee and then struggled through the whole of Europe with their children. They are tired, they are damn tired. This time it is not possible to send some money and then go home and play “Candy Crush” in the hotel room. Once you have started with this, I stepped out of the train at the central station one Friday almost a month ago, it will be left behind. My wife and my daughters have been with the Centre and wide sandwiches they also, he says.

Murder on North Koster

“Spring River,” he plays Tom Stilton, a former police officer gone down overall and in the beginning of the series is eliminated homeless. Hence Bergqvists worn clothing and appearance. The series begins with a brutal murder on North Koster, 1987, and is followed by various heinous crimes of violence against homeless people in modern times. Olivia Rönning, played by Julia Ragnarsson , is a young student at the Police Academy who is commissioned to go through the murder of Nordkoster again.

Does it affect you as an actor too private? It’s very heavy events unfolding?

– The reality is always a million times worse than it could ever be in a movie. We live in the now, there is a crisis in the world. So I think rather that you feel happy and free and beautiful when you work, and then it’s almost harder to go home sometimes, because then I can not go on living in this little world of theater anymore, she says.

Bergqvist adds:

– For me, who has been with the refugees in virtually every night for nearly a month, I can feel that “oh well, now I’ll go away and play movie recording.” I pull the together a decent penny, so I can help out elsewhere. In this way, it is good to work well I see.

The refugees who come here’re even more vulnerable than your role character homeless. Can you somehow get help from their experiences for the TV series?

– Nääää, it would be a bit presumptuous to say it. I’ve seen a lot of shit and traveled around a lot. Been at the orphanage, visited the shantytowns and sat and talked with girls who have been sex slaves. I have seen so damn much poverty and shit. It will be sad, of course. But it would be presumptuous of me to say that I know how they feel. For I do not know. Just that they feel damn bad.

On the television gala “All of Sweden rattles”, he gave a controversial speech in which he went to the verbal attack against Stefan Löfven and the government. “They have not spent a fucking dime. They might as well go down to Central Station and piss on these refugees, “said Bergqvist before he was interrupted by the TV host Katty Ahlstrom .

” Low in piles in the tent “

You were very critical time, as well as against refugees here in Gothenburg later. Has it gotten better since then?

– Yes, it has started to happen. Globe century did get started you in the media, and the day after things started happening in Stockholm. Then I came to Gothenburg on Thursday night, and … disaster. Disaster. Families with children lay in piles in a damn tent and slept on each other like packed sardines. This is of course when people struggled through the whole fucking Europe with their children. I have met people who have lost their children on the road. And then when they come here, they will be treated like crap. But yesterday it was an incredible difference, and it was a fantastic feeling. Now there were interpreters in place and people were well cared for. I really have nothing bad to say about the Migration Board’s staff, they tear the ass of himself. However one might have wished for a little more speed at the managerial level.


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