Thursday, October 8, 2015

Daniel Craig has had enough of Bond – Aftonbladet

“Spectre”, Daniel Craig met his contract as Bond.

Now the indications are that he puts the point.

– Would I make a film, I would only do it for the money, he tells Time out.

“Spectre” is 47-year-old’s fourth Bond film in ten years .

Most likely, he does no more.

– At the moment I can not even think about it, he said.

– I would rather crush this glass and slicing my wrists … We are ready. All I want to do now is move on.

In the eight months Craig , director Sam Mendes and an army of filmmakers working on the sequel to ” Skyfall ‘.

They have recorded in London, Mexico City, Morocco, Austrian Alps, and Rome.

– I just pray that the movie should be good, says Craig in the magazine Time out.

“You’re fucking crazy”

The bar is set high. The latest Bond thriller, “Skyfall”, pulled in over a billion dollars, more than any other film about the British super spy.

– I was contracted to do a film. It was planned. But the film company wanted to do it as quickly as possible. At one point there was talk of making two movies one after another. In the nicest way I could, I said, “You’re fucking crazy. The films are too big productions. “

Craig helped persuade” Skyfall “-regissören Sam Mendes to return.

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– I asked him. Begged. They offered him the obvious huge sums.

But Mendes was in the midst of three theater productions and first said no.

– I was cracked. It felt as if he and I had arrived somewhere. On “Skyfall” we quarreled a lot and had a lot of passionate discussions. But we got through it. It became a real friendship with the movie.

The most famous picture of Craig as Bond is when he is in light blue swimwear comes out of the sea in “Casino Royale”.

– Just the the thing was a big coincidence. I pretended to swim in shallow water. But I thought that I looked like a fool, got up and went upstairs. It became the scene.

Trained for six months

On Time outs matter if fans can expect something similar in “Spectre,” said Craig:

– Yes I have been training for six months. Obviously go clothes off.


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