Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sources: Gina leads the Eurovision Song Contest – Aftonbladet

Sources Nöjesbladet: gina dirawi takes over Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

To celebrate it’s 15th year as schlager traveling on tour will SVT pick up different sidekicks with strong ties to the competition in each program.

Among other things, is negotiating with Sarah Dawn Finer on to guest a section.

Gina Dirawi myself have gone out into the social media and said that she wants to lead the Eurovision song contest. Now you Nöjesbladet reveal that she instead gets the contract to be the host of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

– The Gina leading festival next year, said a person with good transparency.

Several informants confirms to Entertainment blade SVT next year want to celebrate it’s 15th year as the Eurovision Song Contest goes on tour around Sweden with four finals, a second chance and the grand final. And to coincide with the 2016 is 60 years since the first Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast from Lugano in Switzerland.

Seasons with different sidekicks

Therefore, one of the plans that would lift previously popular Melodifestivalen Profiles to lead the programs.

– But you need a safe point, it is not possible to change in every program, but it needs to be a hostess that viewers feel throughout the entire series, says a source.

Therefore SVT have a main host and then season with sidekicks, who strongly associated with competition in various ways.

A source close Melodifestivalen editorial confirms that gina dirawi is highly topical in the role of Melodifestivalen host next year.

– Absolutely, but you have not written any papers, so it is not entirely clear yet.

One informant points out that the Eurovision song contest is still on top on Dirawis wish list.

Negotiates with Sarah Dawn Finer

As for the roles of assistant host or sidekick in the various consignments is SVT still in the starting blocks. Aftonbladet can reveal that, among other things, negotiating with Sarah Dawn Finer if she’ll turn up in one of the winter’s Eurovision broadcasts.

From SVT’s side would not confirm Nöjesbladet information:

– Nothing is clear, says Lili Assefa, press officer for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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