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Forced the emergency meeting after the Farmer-defection – Expressen

Marcus Andersson’s drastic decision of “Farmer Wants a Wife” forced production to the emergency meeting.

For that he would not drop out of the program had also search for new correspondents in social media.

– We went out into social media and gave the girls a chance to to write to Marcus, the new girls added, says program director Linda Lindorff.

The farmer Marcus Andersson’s path to love in “Farmer Wants a Wife” is not easy. First was only seven out of ten girls come to speed dating, no. Once in place, chose the only one of the girls he was interested in defecting. And in yesterday’s section in TV4 released Marcus himself the bomb that he was not interested in any of the remaining six and did not therefore wish to invite the farm. The revelation struck like a bomb in the production.

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“Made me believe that everything would go to hell. I lay sleepless for several nights, and wondered how the phase everything would resolve itself, “writes TV host Linda Lindorff in his blog on

– I thought so clear that it was sad that Marcus felt so sad for him and sad for the girls, says Lindorff who had to take an emergency meeting with Marcus.

“Of course I questioned, I found out what felt right and what felt wrong and we kneaded long and hard. This was not done spontaneously but was well thought out. “she writes in the blog.

Once it became clear that Marcus was serious and he had announced his six letter writers to the sad news the disappointment was great among girls who said that he missed six top guys and that he had made his choice a little too quickly.

But Linda Lindorff defends his choice.

“He is enough old and experienced to be able to make their own decisions, and when I heard him justify it enough times so there’s no reason for me to believe or try something else, “she writes.

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But then Marcus was still interested in finding love forced production to circumvent the rules, and went out with an ad in social media to get more letter writer, reveals Linda Lindorff now.

– Yes, then it was, she says, and continues:

– Who came to the farm was then so clear Marcus decisions.

Although last year the rules changed when the farmer Sebastian Davidsson was allowed to meet renegade letter writer Petra outside the application framework, and love arose.

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