Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hozier line producer – Vaesterbotten Folkblad

The Irish singer / songwriter Hozier has angered off handsomely on the producer and artist Chilly Gonzales recalls his international hit “Take me to church” for a plagiarism.

Hozier has decided to sue Gonzales writes Music-news.com.

It was last week that Chilly Gonzales posted a video on YouTube – which has now been removed – in which he provided a detailed analysis of “Take me to church” and among other things says:

– This slow tretaktstempot and the mournful chords sound very familiar.

Gonzales then play a piece by Canadian artist Feist’s “How Come You Never go there”.

– This does not look so good. “Take me to church”? Feist perhaps should pull him to justice.

Hoziers manager Caroline Downey calls the accusations “baseless” and says Hozier will take legal action against Gonzales.


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