Monday, October 5, 2015

Jakob Hellman recording music – Vasterbotten Courier

Jakob Hellman recording music together with Eggstone, writes Sydsvenskan around the clock.

The Swedish artist and songwriter released her acclaimed debut album “… and it Great Sea “in 1988 and has not given out any more studio albums since then.

Ahead of his comeback last summer, he said that a new album was in the works. In an interview with the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, he said he thought it would come in the spring, although it was a gamble.

Eggstone, consisting of Per Sunding, Patrik Bartosch and Maurits Carlsson, has not played In any album since “Vive la différence” which came in 1997. In contrast, they appeared as backing band for several artists for recordings in the 2000s.

What the recordings in Malmö will result in is not yet known but Tambourine Studios , driven by, among others Eggstone members, themselves have put an image on Facbook with the caption “Eggstone and Jakob Hellman in action”.


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