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So remember the friends Henning Mankell – Aftonbladet

So remember friends and colleagues author Henning Mankell, who died last night.

He was 67 years old.

– It felt like we were brothers, says the actor Krister Henriksson.

Krister Henriksson. Krister Henriksson. Krister Henriksson played Wallander for many years.

– I feel a great and eternal emptiness. Sometimes it feels like he was my only friend, we talked so much and were the same age. It felt like we were brothers, says Krister Henriksson.

He learned of his friend’s death early this morning and says he does not really understood yet.

– It feels like I stare straight into a wall and do not know how I’m going to pick me up from the armchair. I feel great emptiness. Grief is something that comes afterwards, first, it is so very handy and then it’s so many thoughts coming. Then one must understand that he is gone, says Krister Henriksson.

Henning Mankell and Krister Henriksson talked often, if ever possible.

– I’m in shock. I think that after this conversation, should I call Henning and only this will of course take a while to get used to. He will not answer when I call. But I get to learn it, says Krister Henriksson.

H & # xE5; can Nesser. Håkan Nesser. Crime writer Håkan Nesser met Henning Mankell many times, not so much in recent times.

– You feel a sadness and a longing. He was the first Swede broke through internationally with crime novels. He was number one, he was the first, and wrote very well. He also had a big heart and a great political commitment.

– We did get to know a few years ago that he had cancer, so they knew that he was ill. But it feels empty and strange that he’s gone.

 Leif GW Persson. Leif GW Persson. Photo: MARGARETA BLOOM Sandbacksgatan While the detective colleague and criminologist Leif GW Persson will remember Mankell.

– He is an excellent person. A committed man and a significant writer, not least as an engine for the Swedish literature, says Leif GW Persson.

Although the author’s colleagues did not socialize privately seen most often in different contexts.

– There is a person I respect and will miss, says Leif GW Persson.

 Viveca Stone. Viveca Sten. Photo: Veronica Kindblad Viveca Sten
hit himself never Mankell, but she describes him as a door opener for Swedish literature abroad.

– We are very many who have him to thank for giving us the opportunity to be translated and published in other countries, she said.

She has read all his books and in addition was the first crime novel she ever read was written by him.

– I fell in love, I must say.

The journalist Ingalill Mosander interviewed Mankell many years. The last interview she did with him was in June.

– When he was tanned, wearing a gray hooded jacket, had a leather jacket and was actually delicious mood, she says.

According to her, he was always a bit grumpy, but that particular day he had been in great spirits.

– He had a hope that he could defeat the cancer.

He had told there were so many more books he wanted to write. Among other things, he wanted to write a book about his long way from Sweden to Africa.

– It is really very sad. He had so much wanted to write more, and hoped he would catch it, but he had time, could not, she says.

Dror Feiler. Dror Feiler. Photo: Scanpix The musician and activist Dror Feiler , a spokesman for the association Ship to Gaza, where Henning Mankell was committed, hard to understand that he is gone:

– There is a very big loss, says Dror Feiler.

– He was a person who managed keep the flame burning since the 1960s and 70s – until now. In the fight against racism, apartheid, discrimination and for equal value. He did, whether it was about the apartheid regime, the US war in Vietnam or the Israeli occupation and siege of Gaza.

– I was with him in 2010, when we went to Gaza to break the blockade, when Israeli army attacked us and ten died. He showed by sailing with us he was ready to act, not just writing articles and speaking. For him it was important to stick together action – and words.

Although crime writer Karin Wahlberg
himself had never met Mankell, but he was a great inspiration and has characterized many of her books.

– I dropped a little breath here when I found out about it. He has influenced both my crime novels, but he was also a reason that I started writing.

She has read all the books from the early 90′s.

– It came as a surprise. Really.


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